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Welcome to the flagship event about LoRaWAN® and Low Power Internet of Things. Join 1500+ top IoT professionals, 70+ leading industry players, learn from 90+ curated keynotes and 20+ workshops, learn about the latest developments in the LPWAN market and become a LoRaWAN expert. Amsterdam September 21-22, 2023

The world's most exciting event about LoRaWAN®

• Meet all the players in the LoRaWAN® ecosystem • Learn from the latest developments in the IoT industry • Meet builders and buyers in the LPWAN market • Get certified for your gained knowledge about LoRaWAN® • Find the silver bullet on how to scale with IoT

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"The Things Conference announces some major breakthroughs that could just tip the balance for mass deployment of LoRaWAN® devices and gateways."

"If there was one single theme from the show it was this: LoRa® Technology is a developer’s platform and its time is here… now"

"The Things Conference has been amazing, we’ve really enjoyed it a lot. We’ve had very inspiring conversations with a lot of the community."


Gedempt Hamerkanaal 231, 1021 KP Amsterdam

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Gedempt Hamerkanaal 231, 1021 KP Amsterdam